Ghost Signs Victoria

A fabulous collection of fading signs from our past. Langham Hotel Suit Hospital Atistos Auction Rooms Capstan Cigarettes JANS Bros Hardy’s Crystals Thor Dunlop Tyres Peters Icecream TARAX Skipping Girl Vinegar Mobil Oil Georges Plume Motor Spirit Capitol Cafe Bourneville Cocoa Butterfly Dutch Cocoa Alex Parfoot Shoe Repairs Champion footwear ghost sign in Cubitt St, […]

Hurlstone Park | Benzine Sign

This was taken on New Canterbury Road, Hurlstone Park on 15th November 2017 just after a building was demolished and before a new apartment was built. There were a whole lot of old buildings east of Duntroon St on New Canterbury Road which were knocked down virtually overnight for the new apartment building. Gae 578 New […]

Turf Club Hotel | North Melbourne

This is the old Turf Club Hotel at 1 Flemington Road, North Melbourne [map], which is currently being turned into apartments. I took the photo on 18 July 2017, they had just pulled down the neighbouring building which revealed this sign. It looks like an ad for Carlton Ale, and painted by Buckle Bros (?). […]

Melbourne Circle Project

Melbourne Circle is an account of a series of walks around the suburbs of Melbourne by Nick Gadd. Taken together, the walks form a circle around the city. Beginning in Williamstown in the south west, I walked in a clockwise direction, with very occasional brief detours into the city centre. The walk ended with a […]

The Suit Hospital | Albert Park Sign

This wonderful sign comes from Valerie of The Suit Hospital in Albert Park. 63 Cardigan Place, Albert Park. Ghost sign from the 1950s for The Suit Hospital Pty Ltd – offering invisible mending – and pictures of robots?! Gallery Flickr London calling, Albert Park When researching The Suit Hospital sign I came across this excellent page […]

Fitzroy Carlton Bitter Sign

Many eastern suburbs Melburnians will recognise the Gasometer Hotel in Fitzroy, seen after coming off the Eastern freeway towards the city. The attached sign has been exposed during construction works on southern side of the hotel where apartments are being built    Arguably the only cool thing about ‘progress’. How sick is this old Carlton […]

Simmie & Co Sign

This building is located on the corner of Rankins Road and Smith Street, Kensington. Simmie & Co were local builders with significant orders in the 1920s and 1930s. The company used this address as their headquarters from 1934 but the current building is thought to date from 1947 or 1956. It still operates as a […]

Kensington Butcher Sign

This is a well preserved and prominent butcher’s sign on the corner of Rankins Road and Parsons Street Kensington. There used to be a significant row of shops in Rankins Road Kensington, some of them supporting the stock yards further up Racecourse Road. Gallery Pic 1 Pic 2 Many thanks to Michael Taylor Director MICHAEL […]

Kensington Robur Tea Sign

This Robur Tea sign is typical of thousands found in Melbourne on the sides of hundreds of buildings. It is located in Rankins Road, Kensington, Victoria. Many thanks to Michael Taylor. ROBUR TEA Robur tea were prolific advertisers throughout Australia from early 1920’s through to the 1970’s. Robur Tea was originally Griffiths Brothers Teas.  In […]

The Gasometer Hotel Ghost Sign

Aaron Hogan added a new photo to Ghost Signs Australia’s timeline — at The Gasometer Hotel. With the recent demolition of the deco brick factory next door a great ghost sign has been revealed on Smith Street Fitzroy. Also visible is the ghost outline of the former cottage on the site. Sources Aaron Hogan added […]

Carlton Ghost Sign

I took this photo from my window @ Quest on Finlay, Carlton. The window overlooked a lane way behind Drummond Street. February 2016. ROSS BROS. Manufacturers of KNITTED OUTWEAR & UNDERWEAR Entrance at 111 Drummond St. Phone F. 3766 Victorian Gallery

Fremantle Facade

Great facade of a building in Henry Street, Fremantle. Facade of former Sadlier building, now a private residence, at 36 Henry St Fremantle WA. Photo taken 22 October 2016 by Roel Loopers: If you look at this building in Google Maps, the sign is not visible, so it has only recently become so. Garry […]

Chrysler Factory Ashwood

Here are two pics of the old Chrysler Factory in Maple Avenue Ashwood, S.A., now the Le Cornu factory, soon to close. Cortesy of Les W Gallery

Beach Road Chelsea Sign

Photo taken on Beach Rd Chelsea Victoria January 2016 Peters Ice Cream were a popular and big advertiser around Australia with billboard, television and radio advertising featuring prominently. Thanks Peter Peters Ice Cream

Brighton Beach Station Sign

A wonderful NESTLE sign photographed in 2014 at Brighton Beach Station. Nestlé have advertised in Australia for many years including some very well known brands and products. Aero, Carnation (milk), Cheerios, Drumstick, Kit Kat, Nescafe, Maggi, Milo, Smarties to name a few