Carlton Ale Sign – Vine Hotel, Collingwood

This wonderful Carlton Ale Sign on the Vine Hotel, Wellington St, Collingwood was sent to us by Andrew Mott. Vine Hotel, 59 Wellington St, Collingwood – Google Map Sadly the hotel built in 1869 is currently closed. View Gallery

Anglesea Barracks Hobart

Possibly the oldest ghost sign in Australia is at Anglesea Barracks Hobart, on the face of the original Military Prison come just about everything else over many years and wars but now uniquely the Tasmanian Army Museum. Anglesea Barracks has been in continuous use by by the Army since 1811. In 1879 it was proposed […]

Rosella Tomato Sauce | Adelaide

Phil sent us this wonderful ghost sign for Rosella Tomato Sauce. Old building demolished, new slab laid so this will disappear again very soon. The Strand, Colonel Light Gardens, Adelaide, SA Taken: 23/9/2018 Source Phil Bagust Gallery  

The Gasometer Hotel Ghost Sign

Aaron Hogan added a new photo to Ghost Signs Australia’s timeline — at The Gasometer Hotel. With the recent demolition of the deco brick factory next door a great ghost sign has been revealed on Smith Street Fitzroy. Also visible is the ghost outline of the former cottage on the site. Sources Aaron Hogan added […]

Repainted Ghost Signs Debate

An ongoing debate around the world is how to protect and preserve ghost signs. Some want to repaint them, others encase them while others say to leave them alone. Dr Schutt (Find The Radio Book) says repainted ghost signs will lose their appeal. We agree. While the debate cannot be treated as a one size […]

Jack Dyer Stand Signs

Two of our favourite things this week, the Jack Dyer Stand at Punt Road Oval, home of the mighty Tigers plus an old ghost sign. Sent to us by Mike they show an old VICKERS GIN sign painted on the side of the stand many years ago.

Bacchus Marsh Ghost Sign

It’s always a delight when you come across a ghost sign specially when it’s by accident. Stephen Pretty is the man behind the lens of Perfection Photography, who offers high quality photography at a low cost. On his Facebook page was this little gem taken in Bacchus Marsh. The famous old Bacchus Marsh building I captured this shot […]

Stephen Beaumont | Ghost Sign Hunter

Stephen Beaumont is a Melbourne based Ghost Sign Hunter with a fabulous collection of over 400 ghost signs pictures. What is clearly evident with Stephen’s wonderful collection of ghost signs is his passion for them and the way he quietly goes about building his collection. It’s all about the signs with Stephen, not about personal glory. Ghost signs […]

The Ghost Sign Hunters

A wonderful interview with Nick Gadd and Stephen Banham on ABC Radio discussing ghost signs and ghost sign hunting. Ghost signs – those ephemeral, faded signs on the sides of buildings which advertise a shop or product of days gone-by – hold a particular appeal among a growing band of enthusiasts who are photographing them […]

Saddler | Warragul Ghost Signs

Two new ghost signs this week thanks to Dave.

Café BÜ Ghost Sign

Isn’t life wonderful? I was reading an article about this great new coffee shop in Carlton (Café BÜ) when my eye caught a glimpse of a ghost sign in the image accompanying the article. Now, I have been and photographed this location in the past, long before it became a coffee shop, and being honest, […]

Kalpowar Bakery

Kalpowar was once an important railway/forestry centre. It comprised of a school, railway and railway infrastructure, forestry office and houses and single man barracks, and a forestry workshop. There were some shops still there along with the hall. All that remains now is a small forestry presence and a few houses. The railway has closed. Photo taken […]

Darrel Lea | Footscray

It is always sad when we discover one of our ghost signs has gone.. We found this on Fading Victoria.  Well worth a gander.. Darrel Lea Sign Was quite disappointed to arrive and find that this old painted sign in Footscray was gone – the entire row of ~90 year old shops, which were built […]

Bournville Cocoa | Malvern Ghost Sign

Lewis & Skinner ghost sign | Bournville Cocoa by Cadbury High Street and Seymour Street Malvern Bournville Cocoa | Malvern Ghost Sign Well, its great news and bad news today.. The great news is Pascale sent us a photo of the Lewis & Skinner ghost sign that popped up in Malvern a few weeks ago. The […]

P. Dickinson | Thornbury Ghost Sign

Here is a really nice ghost sign sign for a store called “P.Dickinson” which was a meat and dairy supplier. The address is 684 High St, Thornbury [map] The adjacent building was demolished in June 2013. The link below shows an advert for P. Dickinson in the local Preston Leader paper in 1918. Huge […]