L.W. Holmes – Malvern 1800’s Sign

This amazing ghost sign has appeared in Malvern advertising L.W. Holmes hardware services. A mural dating from the late 1800’s has been discovered in Malvern after a routine demolition revealed the piece of community history. On the newly exposed wall is an old advertisement for a hardware and services business, owned by Malvern’s first elected […]

Bournville Cocoa | Malvern Ghost Sign

Lewis & Skinner ghost sign | Bournville Cocoa by Cadbury High Street and Seymour Street Malvern Bournville Cocoa | Malvern Ghost Sign Well, its great news and bad news today.. The great news is Pascale sent us a photo of the Lewis & Skinner ghost sign that popped up in Malvern a few weeks ago. The […]