L.W. Holmes – Malvern 1800’s Sign

This amazing ghost sign has appeared in Malvern advertising L.W. Holmes hardware services. A mural dating from the late 1800’s has been discovered in Malvern after a routine demolition revealed the piece of community history. On the newly exposed wall is an old advertisement for a hardware and services business, owned by Malvern’s first elected […]

AMSCOL Sign: Adelaide CBD

Here is another wonderful sign from regular contributor Phil of a AMSCOL sign on the side of a cafe on Sturt St in the Adelaide CBD. AMSCOL was an old SA Icecream maker. 157 Sturt Street, Adelaide | Map 2018 = Erb’n’Flo Coffee & Breakfast Bar 153 Sturt Street, Adelaide. More.. South Australia Gallery AMSCOL Icecream | […]

Thornbury Sign: Chrysler Valiant Dodge Simca

This week we have a wonderful new picture sent to us by Travis of a sign advertising Chrysler Valiant Dodge Simca in High St, Thornbury. I saw this sign in Thornbury and thought I would pass it on. It has been exposed last week after a building was demolished for more apartments. It’s on the side of […]

Ivanhoe Ghost Sign

A cafe called Mr. Peebles ( 54 Lwr Heidelberg Rd ) opened recently, and the plaster on one was removed to reveal this sign. They have assured me it hasn’t been re-touched even though the condition is excellent. Looks like silver paint ( originally mixed from powder ). Originally there must have been a vacant […]

Cadbury Ghost Sign

Larry from Sign Vision sent us this beautiful old Cadbury’s sign located in Eaglemont in Victoria. The building is now an office / studio but still proudly displays the buildings heritage. Sign Vision 7 Lower Heidelberg Rd Ivanhoe 3079 03 9499 5357 0412 44 99 51 www.signvision.melbourne

Cracow Ghost Town

We often see pictures of old deserted towns in the US described as a ghost towns.   Cracow in Queensland is the closest we have to a ghost town in Australia. According to good old Wikipedia, Cracow was a gold mining town in the Banana Shire local government area. The town is located on the […]

Hobart Ghost Signs

It is wonderful to add new ghost sign photographs to the gallery, specially seeing they are from Hobart courtesy of John Huth. While the history of one sign (Shells) is not knowm, John has provided these links for the Moran and Cato sign (right). There is a fair bit of info around re the history […]