About Us

Ghost Signs (Australia) is a web site project that aims to catalogue and protect ghost signs throughout Australia.

The project is similar to ghostsigns.co.uk, another collaborative effort to photograph, research and archive wall advertising in the UK and Ireland.

Those people who are interested in ghost signs who have followed our web site will see we have introduced photograph tagging and locations.  The aim of this functionality is to provide the reader with additional information about each sign, along with the ability to locate more similar signs through 'same-as' search functionality.  You can see our first live page here.

In the meantime, you can either receive our newsletters to stay up to date with our progress, or actively participate by contributing to the Australian archive.



Who is Federici?

The vast majority of work at Ghost Signs is by a senior editor with the handle, Federici.

Federici is a username derived from Melbourne's theatrical past, meant to bring a smile to the faces of people who understand the connection.

Wish to say hello... shoot an email to: federici@ghostsigns.com.au