About Ghost Signs Australia

Ghost Signs (Australia) is a website project that aims to catalogue ghost signs throughout Australia.

The project is similar to ghostsigns.co.uk, another collaborative effort to photograph, research and archive wall advertising in the UK and Ireland.

Readers are invited to actively participate by contributing to the Australian archive.

ghostsigns.com.au is managed by a senior editor with the handle, Federici*.

*At one time this word was "protect" but realistically the project is unable to protect signs other than to draw interest to them in hope that they may be protected.




The handle (username) is derived from Melbourne's theatrical past, meant to bring a smile to the faces of people who understand the connection.

At one point in time, Federici was also known as WallDog but that's another story.

ghostsigns.com.au is (and always will be) about ghost signs, not the people behind the website.

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