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L.W. Holmes – Malvern 1800’s Sign

This amazing ghost sign has appeared in Malvern advertising L.W. Holmes hardware services. A mural dating from the late 1800's has been discovered in Malvern after a routine demolition revealed the piece of community history. On the newly exposed wall is an old advertisement for a hardware and services business, owned by Malvern’s first … [Read More...]

Signs of Australia: Vintage signs from the city to the outback

IN this extract of the book Signs of Australia: Vintage signs from the city to the outback, Brady Michaels and Dale Campisi explore the importance of Australia’s fading, ageing signs. SIGNS come … [Read More...]

Currie & Richards Warehouse

The Currie and Richards Warehouse was erected in 1875 as a three storey brick workshop/warehouse for Alfred Shaw and Co., tinware manufacturers. The building features a stucco facade, and is … [Read More...]

Melbourne Circle Project

Melbourne Circle is an account of a series of walks around the suburbs of Melbourne by Nick Gadd. Taken together, the walks form a circle around the city. Beginning in Williamstown in the south … [Read More...]

Maylands Ghost Sign

A fabulous set of signs has been uncovered in Maylands as reported by Emma Wynne on ABC Perth. The historic shop signs have been temporarily uncovered when an adjoining shop was pulled down An … [Read More...]