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Ghost Signs Victoria

A fabulous collection of fading signs from our past. Langham Hotel Suit Hospital Atistos Auction Rooms Capstan Cigarettes JANS Bros Hardy's Crystals Thor Dunlop Tyres Peters Icecream TARAX Skipping Girl Vinegar Mobil Oil Georges Plume Motor Spirit Capitol Cafe Bourneville Cocoa Butterfly Dutch … [Read More...]

Brushing Up On Old Skills

This wonderful article by Carolyn Webb in TheAge tells us that handpainted signs and murals are not a thing of the past. Young entrepreneurs make it big with hand-painted street ads A fledgling … [Read More...]

Currie & Richards Warehouse

The Currie and Richards Warehouse was erected in 1875 as a three storey brick workshop/warehouse for Alfred Shaw and Co., tinware manufacturers. The building features a stucco facade, and is … [Read More...]

Adelaide’s Fading Brick Signs

These days, you’re just as likely to learn about that hot new pair of running shoes or sugar-free soft drink in a sponsored Facebook post or promoted tweet than you are by more conventional methods of … [Read More...]

Maylands Ghost Sign

A fabulous set of signs has been uncovered in Maylands as reported by Emma Wynne on ABC Perth. The historic shop signs have been temporarily uncovered when an adjoining shop was pulled down An … [Read More...]