Ghost Signs Australia

Almost every Australian has seen a ghost sign without knowing they are called Ghost Signs.

Ghost SignsGhost Signs are the marvellous hand-painted signs we see on the sides of old brick walls.  The walls can be fences, the sides of buildings, above awnings and verandah's, almost any space considered to be prime 'advertising space'.

Over the years, the vast majority of signs have vanished, either fading away with the weather, or when the buildings were demolished, but thankfully, some have survived the march of time.  In part, the survival has been due to luck.. a sign painted on the side of a building that then had another building built next to it and obscuring the sign.  Then many years later, the newer building is demolished to reveal the sign in all its glory to a new era.

Technically, a ghost sign is an old hand-painted advertising sign that has been preserved for an extended period of time.

This web site aims to show you the best (and worst) ghost signs around Australia. 

We want to show other ghost sign web sites and generally, highlight how wonderful these old signs are. 

If you have a picture of a Ghost Sign, please consider sending it to us.

OK, lets learn more about Ghost Signs!