Bournville Cocoa | Malvern Ghost Sign

Lewis & Skinner ghost sign | Bournville Cocoa by Cadbury

High Street and Seymour Street Malvern

Bournville Cocoa | Malvern Ghost Sign

Well, its great news and bad news today..

The great news is Pascale sent us a photo of the Lewis & Skinner ghost sign that popped up in Malvern a few weeks ago.

The bad news.. we ran an update of our gallery software and lost all our fabulous new enhancements that included location, maps, search etc.

Anyway, the picture can be seen in the gallery here.

Located on the corner of High Street and Seymour Street Malvern, this is one of the finest examples of uncovered ghost signs you are ever likely to see.

A building most recently occupied by Bang & Olufsen has recently been demolished and exposed the wonderful sign.

According to Finding The Radio Book (below), there is also a number of bills posted below the main sign.

We suggest anyone wanting to see this marvellous sign, gets down there pretty soon because a new building will no doubt soon be hiding it for another 100

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Find The Radio Book

Sunday, December 15, 2013 | Spectacular Lewis & Skinner uncovering in Armadale

Here you can read a background of the sign, the signwriting company (Lewis & Skinner) and see some excellent photos of the sign.


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Lost Melbourne

The past has come back to life.

This advertisement for Cadbury's Cocoa is located on the corner of Seymour Ave and High Street in Armadale after a recent demolition of the corner site revealed this well preserved image.
Cadbury's Bournville Cocoa was developed in 1906.

After relocating their factory from Birmingham to an area just south in 1878, George Cadbury named the area Bournville. His vision was for a greenfield area with running streams and clean air. 'Bournville' was chosen - combining the name of the stream with 'ville', the French word for town.

In 1866, Cadbury had developed their own pure cocoa (cocoa essence). It was England's first unadulterated cocoa. As anyone would know cocoa essence has a very bitter and acidic taste. While complimentary to some recipes, is overpowering in others. In 1906 Cadbury at first had resisted developing their own milder alkalised version (a technique adding an alkalised agent like potassium carbonate) but eventually the company realised that alkalised cocoa was the future and created Bournville Cocoa.

This photo was kindly sent in Anton T Nicholson. (Rob)