Café BÜ Ghost Sign

Isn't life wonderful?

cartlon-cafe-buI was reading an article about this great new coffee shop in Carlton (Café BÜ) when my eye caught a glimpse of a ghost sign in the image accompanying the article.

Now, I have been and photographed this location in the past, long before it became a coffee shop, and being honest, annoyed with myself that I had photographed the front of the building that faces Canning Street, but for some inexplicable reason, did not venture around to look at the back of the building.

Anyway, there for all to see is a wonderful lovely old LANCHOO TEA sign on the back of a building with its side on Pigdon Street, Carlton.

Thanks to good ol' Google Street View we can see what it looked like a couple of years ago (before the coffee shop), and shortly I will venture back and take some updated shots, while enjoying a coffee at Café BÜ