Fading Victoria

Its a wonderful feeling when you find a web site that is right up your alley and thats exactly what we found at Fading Victoria.

Rowan Crowe has amassed an excellent collection of signs, landscapes and architecture covering Victoria, so pop along and take a look, you will not be disappointed:

Some of the ghost sign photographs are as good as anything we have found to date.. excellent collection = 10/10 Rowan!

Fading Victoria

Consumer hunger for residential land and infrastructure is slowly destroying many historical sites located near the steadily expanding fringes of suburbia. Weather also takes its toll on beautiful rural buildings that have been abandoned by their owners. What causes them to just walk away?

Now: a photographer documents a handful of sites located in the state of Victoria, Australia -- before they fade away completely...

All images and text on this site, unless otherwise noted, are copyrighted by Rowan Crowe

Rowan also has a blog: random thoughts, discoveries, ramblings. Much of this was originally composed as email to a local history mailing list, rather than being written specifically for publishing, so it's a little disjointed. I figured it was better to get it out to everyone else in rough form rather than not at all.