The Suit Hospital | Albert Park Sign

This wonderful sign comes from Valerie of The Suit Hospital in Albert Park.

63 Cardigan Place, Albert Park.

Ghost sign from the 1950s for The Suit Hospital Pty Ltd - offering invisible mending - and pictures of robots?!

London calling, Albert Park

When researching The Suit Hospital sign I came across this excellent page which includes a number of ghost signs.

Source: London calling, Albert Park | September 4, 2016 |

Written by Nick Gadd who has a keen interest in Melbourne and ghost signs.

Melbourne Circle featured in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald on 24 October 2015: ‘Ghost tour traces Melbourne’s mysteries via signs of another time’

He was a guest on Radio National on 21 February 2015, chatting with Michael Williams and Stephen Banham about ghostsigns. Article here, with link to audio: ‘Melbourne’s ghost sign hunters open windows to the past’.

He was a guest on the afternoon program with Sheridan Stewart on 774 ABC Melbourne on 10 July 2015. ‘Ghostsigns and derelict buildings reveal clues about Melbourne’s quirky past’