Kalpowar Bakery

Kalpowar was once an important railway/forestry centre. It comprised of a school, railway and railway infrastructure, forestry office and houses and single man barracks, and a forestry workshop. There were some shops still there along with the hall. All that remains now is a small forestry presence and a few houses. The railway has closed. Photo taken […]

Hobart Ghost Signs

It is wonderful to add new ghost sign photographs to the gallery, specially seeing they are from Hobart courtesy of John Huth. While the history of one sign (Shells) is not knowm, John has provided these links for the Moran and Cato sign (right). There is a fair bit of info around re the history […]

Darrel Lea | Footscray

It is always sad when we discover one of our ghost signs has gone.. We found this on Fading Victoria.  Well worth a gander.. Darrel Lea Sign Was quite disappointed to arrive and find that this old painted sign in Footscray was gone – the entire row of ~90 year old shops, which were built […]

Lewis & Skinner Exhibition

Anyone interested in signwriting should visit the Lewis & Skinner Exhibition at Victoria University in Yarraville. Lewis & Skinner exhibition at the VU Library  The exhibition by Dr Stefan Schutt, research program leader at the Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing, Victoria University, features historical hand-painted signs of Melbourne firm Lewis & Skinner that he rescued […]

Book Review: Tekens Aan De Wand: Ghostsign Restoration in the Netherlands

Book Review: Tekens Aan De Wand: Ghostsign Restoration in the Netherlands Tekens Aan De Wand (Writing on the Wall) is a book documenting the collective efforts of local historical societies across the Netherlands to restore ghostsigns. It is published by Trichis and features over 170 pages of beautiful painted signage, graphic design and archival photography. Sadly […]

Bournville Cocoa | Malvern Ghost Sign

Lewis & Skinner ghost sign | Bournville Cocoa by Cadbury High Street and Seymour Street Malvern Bournville Cocoa | Malvern Ghost Sign Well, its great news and bad news today.. The great news is Pascale sent us a photo of the Lewis & Skinner ghost sign that popped up in Malvern a few weeks ago. The […]

P. Dickinson | Thornbury Ghost Sign

Here is a really nice ghost sign sign for a store called “P.Dickinson” which was a meat and dairy supplier. The address is 684 High St, Thornbury [map] The adjacent building was demolished in June 2013. The link below shows an advert for P. Dickinson in the local Preston Leader paper in 1918. http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/90757106 Huge […]

Lewis & Skinner

Of all the various Ghost Sign web sites and blogs, the Lewis & Skinner story is the most facsinating and well worth your time visiting to learn more. There are 2 web sites both expertly authored by Dr Stefan Schutt from Victoria University: Lewis & Skinner archive Find the Radio Book The Lewis & Skinner archive details […]

Old Adverts New Again

The video below is a fabulous excercise by Amercian signwriting company, Collosal Media recreating an old ghost sign brick advert. In the video, you will see how they have recreated a ghost sign from the past, based on drawings and created a new brickad. Source: colossalmedia.com

Ghost Sign Hunting: Melbourne Seminar

Sam Roberts, Stephen Banham and Stefan Schutt will speak at the Ghost Sign Hunting: Melbourne Seminar to be held on the afternoon/evening of Tuesday, 12th March 2013 in Melbourne. It’s free and all are invited so please come along if you can (don’t forget to RSVP) and pass on the details to those who might be interested. Ghost […]

Ghost Signs Uncovered

The origin of this web site came after reading an article in TheAge titled ‘Retrostalgia’ hunters on the trail of ghost signs faded in time, in which Dr Stefan Schutt believes the ephemeral nature of ”ghost signs” is part of their appeal and why photographing them has become a worldwide phenomenon. That got us thinking.. […]